The day I fought my nightmares.

It’s like a scary japanese/korean movie. There’s this guy, sometimes I am him, sometimes I am just watching the scene. Anyway, everything was fine, until he stopped and started pointing at the girl on the far side of the road. That’s when the nightmare started, because the girl is dressed in white with her hair all over her face. She looks like the girl in The Ring. So this girls started walking slowly towards him (me). She was crawling using her hands and her big toes! If you can imagine that. And she stood right in front of him. She moved her head to one side and the hair on her face part. She has a scary face. Her eyes all big and open with empty blackness, so as her mouth. She has a pale face, close to greenish, with lots of gashes and wounds. The good thing about this nightmare is I started fighting her. I remember locking her inside a big plastic room with grenades inside :P I also remember drowning her and she kept fighting back. I suddenly woke up, my heart racing, adrenalin in my blood and traces of fear in my gut. I was so sleepy but I am too scared to sleep which is normal. The best part here though is when I told myself “Ow fuck it. If my beautiful dreams never continue even when I try so hard to go back to them, I am also sure my nightmares won’t.” And that was the first time ever that I fought my nightmares, conscious and unconsciously.


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