You know why we’re scared? Because we are scared of the unknown. We always want to make sure that we have a plan, an answer, a structure to follow. We cannot accept an event leading to an unknown future. Pero hindi yun ang riyalidad. Our plans are just pacifiers to help us pretend that we… More 08.05.16

Of Lazy Days

I’ve been staying at home for a while now, I’ve mastered the art of laziness.  My patient’s still in London and my office status is “On Call” so here I am, waiting for a call if they have an emergency shortage of Nurse. I have a straight PM duty for for nights before I finally… More Of Lazy Days

Planting Flowers

September 11, 2015 It started with an idea. A seed of idea.Charot. Here’s a short story of my plants’ short life. I bought these in the Philippines not only because I wanted to have a pet but I can’t have one in Dubai, but also because I love everything plants and flowers. They are from… More Planting Flowers

Whole 30 Log

Day 1: Whole 30 Trial#2 Day 2: Steady day. Feels amazing to just grab pre-cut and prepared food in the fridge. Worth the time I used for prep day. Veggies still crisp in the box. Day 3: I only bring fruits and nuts at work for my dinner, I need a new plan. Same food.… More Whole 30 Log