Of Lazy Days

I’ve been staying at home for a while now, I’ve mastered the art of laziness.  My patient’s still in London and my office status is “On Call” so here I am, waiting for a call if they have an emergency shortage of Nurse. I have a straight PM duty for for nights before I finally… More Of Lazy Days

Planting Flowers

September 11, 2015 It started with an idea. A seed of idea.Charot. Here’s a short story of my plants’ short life. I bought these in the Philippines not only because I wanted to have a pet but I can’t have one in Dubai, but also because I love everything plants and flowers. They are from… More Planting Flowers

Whole 30 Log

Day 1: Whole 30 Trial#2 Day 2: Steady day. Feels amazing to just grab pre-cut and prepared food in the fridge. Worth the time I used for prep day. Veggies still crisp in the box. Day 3: I only bring fruits and nuts at work for my dinner, I need a new plan. Same food.… More Whole 30 Log

Whole 30 Trial#2

Dec 5, 2015 Why did I even consider doing this Whole30 challenge during the holiday month? Day 1 started today. Yay! As lazy as I am, I took my recipes on GoodCheapEats.com and worked my way from there. I will show you my grocery list and price of each item when I have the time. For breakfast, I… More Whole 30 Trial#2